Jeff Z.

“There are realtors, and there is Eric Avdee. I don’t often write reviews – I see them as typically one sided, leaning heavily to one side or the other because of bias. But in this case, there is no leaning, only the truth. Eric went above and beyond in my search for investment property. I’m out of state and after flying in, getting picked up by him at the airport, and touring priorities twice, placed my trust in Eric that he’d find the perfect one. Fast forward a couple escrows later (we had a couple properties with hidden deferred maintenance), and we’re in 2 beautiful properties in great neighborhoods. He managed the entire process start to finish and continues to help. He sourced them, walked them, negotiated them, dealt with my lender, managed the inspection, managed repairs, always answered the phone, and did it with a good attitude. I wish an Eric Avdee was in my hometown so I could have a local realtor as good as he his.”

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